The Basics of RoboHelp 2019

Adobe RoboHelp is a powerful topic-based authoring tool. This application has a unique user-friendly interface for creating and publishing content using a modular approach. It can be used to create online help, knowledge base, e-learning to cater to different targetted audiences. The various forms of outputs can be delivered on a wide range of devices with sophisticated content, specialized editing, personalized formatting to deliver easy to manage experiences.


Release Notes Explained in Fewer than 330 Characters

What is a release note?

The release note is a document, written by technical writers, that are shared with the clients of the software products. The document is released as a part of the final build that contains the following:

  • New enhanced features
  • Deprecated features
  • Known bugs
  • Fixed bugs
  • Migration path
  • Upgradation path
  • Advisory notes and rules
  • Customer support notes


Release Note Format


  • Name of the document with the product name
  • Release number
  • Release date
  • Release note date
  • Version

For example, make the heading in big and bold in the following format :

[Product Name] [Version Number] Release Notes


An overview of the product contains changes to the recent software version along with the system requirements. Links to installation instructions, user manual, and release notes archive can also be included for best practices.


The purpose of the release note is to update what is new in the release in the current build. Break the release notes document into sections, each with its own headings. The  following sections may be considered :

  • New enhanced features
  • Deprecated features
  • Known bugs – Companies with open source projects, with enough of user base, are usually transparent with known defects since they have a public tracking system. However, this sort of decision is usually made defect by defect basis, by keeping in mind the security and stability liability of the company.
  • Fixed bugs
  • Summary of the issue along with the resolution.
  • End-user impact – What different actions are needed by the end-users of the software application. This includes whether other functionalities are impacted by these changes.
  • Migration path
  • Upgradation path


A release note is usually a summary of recent changes, enhancements and bug fixes in a particular software release. It is basically a list of bullets with the actual brief necessary descriptions. It is preferable to keep the information on the document scannable.

Release notes are frequently written in the present tense. It provides information to the client that is clear, correct, and complete.